Calgary should not view the 2026 Olympics as a profit-generator

Canada Olympic Park in the Summer of 2005

Ward 9 Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra posted a video on his website on March 28, 2018 regarding the status of Calgary's proposed bid for the 2026 Winter Olympic Games. I respect the councillor for speaking candidly to citizens about his opinions regarding this matter. In his brief message, he states that "a basic requirement of hosting … Continue reading Calgary should not view the 2026 Olympics as a profit-generator

How to Score 100 on Google PageSpeed with Jekyll and Github Pages

Mac keyboard with Jekyll and Github logos overlaid

Since at least 2010, how fast a webpage loads in a users web browser affects how high it ranks on Google search result pages. Pages that load faster will outrank pages that load slower, assuming both pages score the same on other factors, such as relevancy and authority. Although Google admits that loading speed is less significant in determining ranking than other factors, web masters should optimize speed as much as possible both for search engine ranking but for creating an ideal user experience.

What is the HTML tag?

I have written a fair amount of HTML code in my day. Often times, this was quick and ugly, which served the purpose of a simple test or last minute school assignment. I usually did not follow best practices or defined standards. One standard that I have recently been encountering when viewing sample HTML code from experts on the web, yet have never fully understood, was the <!doctype> tag.

How to Enable LinkedIn company pages in WordPress Jetpack plugin

The Jetpack plugin is installed by default in virtually all WordPress deployments. The plugin, developed by Automattic, provides some extremely useful functions that most bloggers and WordPress site owners want to add to their website. By combining these common functionalities into a single plugin, Automattic saves site owners time by no longer having to scour the internet for compatible, reliable plugins that provide basic functions.

3 Tips to Survive Startup Due Diligence Process

Successfully closing an investment round is the goal of nearly every entrepreneur. Having access to both capital and expert business mentors gives a startup the fuel it needs to scale rapidly. When seeking investment, most entrepreneurs focus on building a solid pitch that inspires confidence from investors and promises hockey-stick growth. While the pitch is crucial to earning interest from investors, most entrepreneurs lack understanding of the due diligence process that follows a successful pitch. Many deals fall apart because due diligence fails even though the founders delivered a great pitch. Read below for three tips to ensure your startup will pass due diligence, and close the investment deal.

Sales Skills Critical for Growing Startup Revenue

A recent post from Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) describes 9 important qualities that all sales people should have. Sales skills are absolutely critical to the success of a startup. A product alone does not generate revenue. All companies require some sort of talented sales force in order to survive. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs that I encounter are hesitant to perform sales. The fact is that all founders are required to perform sales roles. Below, I highlight three sales skills that most of my startups clients fail to recognize, but are fundamental to closing deals and growing revenue.

Deploy code using git

It is common amongst developers to deploy code using git. However, I have never done this before. I am (generally) familiar with git and source code management concepts, but using git for a deployment is something I always wanted to do. BitBucket (and I expect other repo services) allow users to add a deployment key to their repo. This key is read-only, so you can be confident when you upload it to your remote host, no malicious user can use it to modify your code.

The Calgary Startup Ecosystem

The Calgary startup ecosystem consists of a large collection of government agencies, non-profits, incubators, and accelerators that provide various support and resources to start-ups. I feel a major challenge with the entrepreneurs in Calgary, particularly the early-phase ones, is that they find it difficult to find these ecosystem players and understand how they can benefit their startup.

SOLVED Time Machine volume not mounting in OSX

I use an external USB drive to store my Time Machine backups, as most people do. The drive is split into two partitions; one for  Time Machine, the other for general data. Every few weeks/months, OSX will no longer mount the Time Machine volume. The volume appears in Disk Utility, but greyed out. The Mount option in Disk Utility is also greyed out. Overall, it appears that OSX can detect and identify the volume, but does not present any option for actually mounting it (at least through the GUI)…