Virtual Fence Radio Upgrade

Due to the large and ever-changing footprint of Shell’s Athabasca Oil Sands Project, site security could not be accomplished using a traditional, physical fence (e.g. chain link). Instead, a *virtual fence* using a series of 24 free-standing mobile towers, each supporting a motion-activated video camera, was erected.

When activated, such as by wildlife or an unauthorized person, the system will alert site security personnel. The project replaced the cellular modems with point-to-point radios on all 24 mobile towers, which significantly improved the quality of video images and eliminated cellular data costs.

Environmental Data Management for Oil Sands

First-in-the-world custom integration between EQuIS (environmental data capture, analysis, and reporting software from EarthSoft) and GeoCortex (Latitude Geographics) allowing environmental teams at Shell’s former Athabasca Oil Sands Project site to better interact with water and soil quality data.

By overlaying water and soil quality data overtop a 2-dimensional map of the site, environmental technicians could forecast contamination changes. Deployed and integrated the EQuIS environmental data management software, with the GeoCortex mapping software, allowing environmental teams at to better forecast impact of mine operations.

Mobile Inventory

A custom mobile app that allows lubricant plant supervisors to access inventory, shipment, and customer delivery data on a mobile device. Using the app, supervisors spent 25% more time on the shop floor engaging workers and ensuring a safe, productive environment.

The Inc. Incubator

The Inc. logo

The startup incubator service within Innovate Calgary. A combination of business advisory, startup education, networking with industry and government, and physical co-work space.

  • 299+ consulting hours performed
  • 52+ startup clients advised

Smart Glasses for Labs

Software to integrate smart glasses with third-party enterprise video conferencing system. The new technology enabled remote drilling team across the world to communicate with expert geologists at Shell’s research facilities in real-time to perform deep analysis of rock types and formations.


Validate banner

For most startups with limited resources, building a great product that customers want to pay for is challenging. Building that product with limited resources is even more difficult. In VALIDATE, participants will learn how to design a Minimum Viable Solution and get customer feedback quickly without having to spend any money. Through multiple iterations within the course, participants will have a product customers are eager to buy because it is proven to address on of their needs.


Validate helped me to see the strengths and weaknesses in my product and plan, and the confidence to address both.”

“The guidance and direction received by John is invaluable. We have applied their comments and suggestions to help move [our business] further along. We were able to validate various components of [our business] through customer discovery. This program has opened the doors for growth of [our business]. Thank you!”

“The Validate program is the best way to be held accountable and be pushed to take the first steps in validating your business before investing a huge amount of time and money. Highly recommended to new entrepreneurs in pre-revenue stage!”


  • 50+ startups
  • 350+ product validations