Project 1: Mozilla Find Bar Enhancement

One piece of coding work that I would like to accomplish is an enhancement to Mozilla Firefox. As most people probably already know, Firefox is an open-source web browser from the Mozilla corporation. I have used Firefox for many years now, and have generally been pleased with its user interface and performance (although I do believe many people consider it to be bloated).


A frustration that I have with the browser is a lack of a “match whole word only” in the find function (you know, the little toolbar that appears when you press CTRL-F that you can use to highlight words and phrases on a web page). I do not know how to best articulate this outside of an example. Say you wanted to search for the word cat **on a web page. When you perform the search, the search results will return any occurrence of **cat on the web page. Words such as catapult, catatonic, catalyst, caterpillar, scat, concatenate will also be found. The poor user must then iterate through each of these words, even though he or she simply wanted to find cat all by itself.


One may read this and question, “why not try putting quotes (“”) around your search criteria?” My response would be that while that technique may work in Google searches, Firefox page search does not work the same way.  I tested this myself, but was unsuccessful. If anyone else out there knows how this works, please let me know. I am open to admitting that I did not do it correctly.


I’ll post more on this project, and my current progress, at a later time.

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