Environmental Data Management for Oil Sands

First-in-the-world custom integration between EQuIS (environmental data capture, analysis, and reporting software from EarthSoft) and GeoCortex (Latitude Geographics) allowing environmental teams at Shell’s former Athabasca Oil Sands Project site to better interact with water and soil quality data. By overlaying water and soil quality data overtop a 2-dimensional map of the site, environmental technicians could … Continue reading Environmental Data Management for Oil Sands

Mobile Inventory

A custom mobile app that allows lubricant plant supervisors to access inventory, shipment, and customer delivery data on a mobile device. Using the app, supervisors spent 25% more time on the shop floor engaging workers and ensuring a safe, productive environment.

Smart Glasses for Labs

Software to integrate smart glasses with third-party enterprise video conferencing system. The new technology enabled remote drilling team across the world to communicate with expert geologists at Shell’s research facilities in real-time to perform deep analysis of rock types and formations.