Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang

Cover page of Rejection Proof

Rejection sucks. But like all skills, one can improve their resiliency by practicing getting rejected. Through Jiang’s process of going through 100 days of rejection, he developed a new approach to making requests that make rejection less painful and make gaining acceptance more likely.

Ask “Why?”

When rejected, by sure to ask “why” to understand the reasoning behind the rejection. Knowing the reason may uncover a new path to acceptance.

Respond with a Smaller Ask

If your first request is rejected, follow-up with a lesser request. While the rejector may not be able to satisfy your initial request, he or she may have other options that can work. Sometimes, they will offer these alternatives, but often times will not. In those cases, the only way to find what request can work is by asking again.

Position for “Yes”

Explain your reason for the request. Make it personal and genuine. Reveal possible reasons why the person may object to your request.

Results May Surprise You

One can easily avoid making a request of someone by assuming a rejection will happen. In reality, some amazing things may happen as a result of making the request. The future cannot be predicted.

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